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Eide Contracting AS carries out inspections, prepares status reports and proposed inprovements/repair of maritime machinery and ship, rig and fixed offfshore installation equipment.

EC AS carries out this work in its own workshop, at the customer’s base or at the user location.

EC AS has special tools, hard surface welding and on-site machining equipment, experienced operators and supervisors to carry out the work.

Examples or such main/repair work include:

  • Hard surface welding with after machining
  • Overhaul (classing) of diesel engines
  • Overhaul of turbos, coolers, etc.
  • Winches, pumps and other machinery
  • Overhaul and recertification of cranes, drilling equipment and other lifting equipment
  • Rescue boats with launching equipment
  • Dismantling and refitting components
  • Alignment and test runs