When the oil and gas industry began in Norway, some 25 years ago, Eide early started performing maintenance, conversion and modification of drilling and accomodation rigs. The service og maintaining and rebuilding drilling equipment and other facilities throughout these years, has given Eide extensive and wide-ranging offshore-related experience.

This is an overview of the available equipment in Eide Marine Services.

Eide Lift
Eide Lift 2
Eide Barge
Eide Barge II
Eide Barge IV
Eide Barge 5
Eide Barge VII
Eide Barge IX
Eide Barge XIV
Eide Barge XV
Eide Barge XVII
Eide Barge XVIII
Eide Barge 19
Eide Barge 20
Eide Barge 21
M/V Eide Fox
M/V Eide Max
M/V Eide Rex

Eide Marine Services AS
N-5457 Høylandsbygd
Tel: (+47) 53 48 35 00 – Fax: (+47) 53 47 72 40
E- mail: post@eide-gruppen.no