Eide Contracting A/S was established in 1982 and became part of the Eide Group in 1991.

The company’s activities include Project coordination, mechanical production, steel and aluminium fabrication, weldžng, pipe-laying, maintenance of ships and mobile platforms for the oil industry, erection of scaffolding and marine coating work within construction, industry, shippžng and also oil and gas-related activities onshore and offshore.

The company´s base: The administration and fabrication facilities are located in Høylandsbygd on Halsnøy in the municipality of Kvinnherad .
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The yard has modern facilities and its production equipment enables completion of complex tasks within a short time in accordance with given specifications.

Priority areas:

  • Workshop production – steel and aluminium
  • Ship and rig repair
  • Contracting activities
  • Machining

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Eide Contracting A/S
N-5457 Høylandsbygd
Tel: (+47) 53 48 35 50 – Fax: (+47) 53 47 72 41
E- mail: eide@eide-gruppen.no