The Eide Group has concentrated its activities on the maritime market, playing an active role in-


  • Purchase, rebuilding/converting and sale of modern ships.
  • Sale and purchase of maritime equipment, new and second handed.
  • Management of supply ships.
  • Tug and barge transports.
  • Crane operations, floating and mobile cranes.
  • Flotel Services.

«Able people and advanced technology is the key»

The Eide Group can provide a turnkey service from planning of a project, through delivery of equipment, execution of the work, to the final documentation. The Group´s strenght lies in its utilization of technology and its strict insistence on the combination of technology and quality.

Other Companies in the Eide Group:

Barge Invest AS
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Tel: (+47) 53 48 35 50 – Fax: (+47) 53 47 72 41
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