Eide Contracting A/S carries out inspections, prepares status reports and proposed inprovements/repair of maritime machinery and ship, rig and fixed offfshore installation equipment.

EC A/S carries out this work in its own workshop, at the customer’s base or at the user location.

EC A/S has special tools, hard surface welding and on-site machining equipment, experienced operators and supervisors to carry out the work.

Examples or such main/repair work include:

  • Hard surface welding with after machining
  • Overhaul (classing) of diesel engines
  • Overhaul of turbos, coolers, etc.
  • Winches, pumps and other machinery
  • Overhaul and recertification of cranes, drilling equipment and other lifting equipment
  • Rescue boats with launching equipment
  • Dismantling and refitting components
  • Alignment and test runs

Eide Contracting A/S
N-5457 H√łylandsbygd
Tel: (+47) 53 48 35 50 – Fax: (+47) 53 47 72 41
E- mail: eide@eide-gruppen.no