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22.10.2002 – Eide Davit for Rescue Boats and Life Rafts.

Through years EIDE has developed launching arrangements for rescue boats and considered the company is considered as a pioneer in hydraulic operated davit system.

EIDE is now launching a new concept:
Single-armed davit for rescue boats and work boats, which is unique in its design.

The davits come in different format: from 1500 kg to 3500 kg SWL, but they will be further developed for larger working loads.

On demand you will receive a full information, and you will then see that this is the most complete davit system on the market, when it comes to:

•        Easy installation onboard
•        Easy-to-operate
•        Maintainability

Included to this new system, EIDE stands as a total supplier of complete package of rescue equipment and services to all types of ships and offshore installations.

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