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ROCKNES parbuckled successfully

01.04.2004 – Rocknes’ parbuckled successfully

EIDE MARINE SERVICES AS and Smit Salvage BV have now suceeded in the parbuckling operation of ROCKNES. The vessel has been parbuckled to a starboard list of approximately 10 degrees

Salvors are now dewatering the holds and deballasting the vessel. This will eventually bring the vessel back into a position where it only has a slight list.

The programme for the upcoming days involves dewatering the engine room and the conservation of machinery by a special team. Salvors will also start derigging the vessel, which means that all wires, bollards and anchors will be removed from the vessel and the shores.

Eventually ‘ROCKNES will be towed by tugs from EIDE MARINE SERVICES AS to a floating dock in Bergen, Norway, where attempts will be made to repair the vessel.


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