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EIDE CARRIER – new heavy lift transport vessel

27.11.2006 – EIDE MARINE SERVICES AS expand their HeavyLiftTransport fleet.

Today «EIDE CARRIER» (262 x 32m) arrives Høylandsbygd.

The heavy transport vessel ”Eide Carrier” is originaly built as a ice breaking Lash barge, container and bulk carrier in 1989. She have been trading as a Lash barge carrier upto October 2006.

Eide Marine Services A/S have purchased the vessel to convert here into a ultra large semi- submersible heavy lift vessel capable to carry semi- sub drilling rigs, jack-up drilling rigs, barges, topside modules, offshore modules, submarines, covettes, motor torpedo boates, minewipers, dredgers, river cruse vessels, cranes, container cranes etc etc.

The advantage with this vessel is that she will become the worlds fastes heavy lift vessel which is a grate advantage for the rig owners or a military command which like to shift their equipment as fast as possible.
The vessel is strongly built due to here ice braeking design.

Eide Marine Services A/S have track record on semi-submersible transports and operations.

Eide Marine Services A/S have also considerable experience in heavy transport operations as well as heavy lifts- and salvage operations.

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