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TYPE EHA- 1500      1500 KG SWL
TYPE EHA- 2500      2500 KG SWL
TYPE EHA- 3500      3500 KG SWL

– The davit system is made of licensed materials, sandblasted and based with zink barrier primer.

– The davit system is designed for safe and efficient launch and retrieval of rescue boats.

– The davit system is designed for long time operation in a tough and corrosive marine/offshore environment.

– The davit system is designed to fulfil all requirements as given in latest SOLAS/IMO and MSC 809 requirements.

– Power pack in the column for connections to 220/440 voltage.

– Built-in system for non-functional (dead) ship.

The system will allow:
Lowering of the fully loaded boat up to 20 degree list and 10 degree trim, completely independent of any power supply.

– The winch is hydraulically operated with hydraulic holding and lowering brake, and has an easy adjustment for lowering speed.

РThe winch system is supplied with hydraulic energy from one power unit, complete installed on davit’s base.

– All internal hydraulic piping is properly done and completed on the entire davit system, including pipe between power pack, control system and the davit.

– The davit system is very easy to install, just connect it to the el. power.

– Marine workmanship in all details gives good access for maintenance.


Location: Norway
Available: Sale or rental


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