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01 MARINE, 18 Generators; DIESEL GENERATOR – DAEWOO ( 277)

DAEWOO has over 40 years of successful diesel engine production. DAEWOO Diesel have a strong reputation for fuel economy, high efficiency and durability. DAEWOO diesel engines are literally running every day, all day all over the world.

Today, with streamlined and integrated through process production facilities, DAEWOO is the famous diesel engine producers in Asia.

DAEWOO Diesel Engines for Generator Applications boast:
– A long history of proven reliability, essential for critical electrical generation applications.
– High power output at Low operating cost.
– High pressure direct injection with high swirl combustion chamber design optimize power to fuel consumption and reduces exhaust.


Optimum space design provides for a compact and powerful electrical generating package.
The DAEWOO Generator design provides greater accessibility for servicing in a compact design reflecting a totally practical engineering approach Instrument cluster and panel controls are easily accessed and read for easy operation.

The standard skid mounted generator allows easy access to all engine and alternator components. Sound attenuated or weather proof covers can be easily unbolted and removed to allow total access if so equipped.

In most cases the DAEWOO Generator can be easily moved with an appropriate sized fork truck. The center lifting eye on covered units provides a quick and easy method to lift or relocate the generator.
Location: Norway
Available: Rental


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