Mooring Chain

From the abandoned Yme field we offer used mooring chain.


8 lengths each 500 studless mooring chain.

Diameter: 130 mm

Grade: NV K-3 Rig Quality, studless

Weight: Appr. 165 tons/length

Load test: 12 663 kN

Make: Vicinay Cadenas – Bilbao

Year: 1995


– Description of lengths

– Identification of lengths and marking

– Raw material certificates

– Material traceability between heat number and link number

– Heat treatment certificate

– Mechanical test records

– Proof load and dimensional control records

– Non destructive examination records

– Loading test

– Weight certificate

– DNV certificate of compliance

Delivery arrangements

The chains will be dismantled and transported to Statoil storage location Dusavik, Stavanger during July-August 2001. However, optional storage location is negotiable if required

The materials will be sold on an as is – where is basisex storage location.

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