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02 OFFSHORE, 01 Living Quarter; LIVING QUARTER 48 – 90 MEN WITH HELIDECK ( 154)

LQ Module for 48-90 men, complete with all functions as; offices,dining,recreation rooms,HVAC,etc. Helideck on top. Production year: 1982, checked date: 22.07.98. Doc status: full documentation available. Inspection status: N/A. Total dry weight incl.helideck: 1106 tons. Size: 34,2mx12,0mx17,6m, Height includes helideck. Capacity for 48 men in two men cabins, but it can be upgraded for up to 96+ men in four men cabins. Shower and toilet in each cabin. It includes recreation room/galley, freezer room, cooler room, laundry, sky lobby, offices etc. Fully airconditioned. The living quarter is in first class condition, inside and outside.
Volume: 1
Location: Europe
Available: Sale


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